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Our Team

Sami Hashimi
President & Founder

I am pleased to welcome and thank you for visiting Afghan Cyber ISP/ICT Company (ACISP) website. ACISP the pioneer internet services provider (ISP) in Afghanistan which has become the full-fledged internet services provider (ISP) with over a decade experienced team in the field of Information Technology (IT). Also, it is licensed to provide internet service all over the country granted by Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology of Afghanistan. At the present, ACISP is actively serving its customers by bringing them new products and latest kind of internet services. ACISP has designed new packages for customers such as the residential and corporate packages. We want to make sure that all customers can get value and quality services to boost their business and work. We treat our client with pride and esteem. By doing this we anticipate customer’s need and aspiration and make it convenient for them to do business with us. On behalf of ACISP operational team express out our commitment for serving in accordance with latest, high quality and standard service delivery in all aspect of our products and services for all our valued customers.

Who We Are

Meet Our Team

Fawad Ehsas

General Manager

Sulaiman Naemi

G-Technical Manager

Jamshid Momand

Wireless and Network Manager

Abdul Baset

Account Officer

Ahmad Erfan

IT Officer

Muneer Momand

Senior Technician

Awal Gul

Senior IT Officer

Farhad Tahiri

Deputy Sales Manager

Hassib Samim

Account Officer

Fawad Safary

Stock Keeper


Sales Officer


Sales Officer


IT Officer

Abdul Bassit

Sales Officer


IT Officer